17 May 2010

Professor Craig Jordan O.B.E. Presentation

During November 1924, the Wilmslow Conservative Club held a fundraising bazaar, aiming to clear off the debts accrued by the new club and expedite the provision of tennis courts and a bowling green.

One of the key people in organising this appeal was J. F. (Freddie) Mottram, who served as a Committee member and Treasurer for over 40 years.

To honour his service to the Club his daughter, Mrs Cynthia Jordan, and grandson, Professor Craig Jordan O.B.E., expressed a wish to present the Club with a framed photograph montage. Each photograph represents a notable event in Freddie's life, including his time in the First World War trenches and welcoming important visitors to club, such as the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Reginald Maudling.

Professor Jordan, now based in the USA, overcame flight chaos from volcanic ash, to visit the club on the 17th May. After a brief speech describing highlights of his grandfather's fascinating background, he made the above presentation to the Club President Jack Price.

Craig also met with a number of long serving members, who had fond memories of meeting Freddie when applying to join the Club, especially recalling the respect he extended to every member, whether existing or new.

As a thank you from the club for Professor Jordan's thoughtful gift, the Club President duly made a presentation to Craig. He was delighted to receive a framed print of a recently commissioned painting from local artist Stella Meacham, depicting the front elevation of the current clubhouse.

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