17 July 2014

Fish Lip Soup Band gig

July's gig by the Fish Lip Soup Band proved to a big hit with Club members and their friends.

After the performance a very happy Hazel McKay said, "Thank you very much for supporting our gig in aid of the Kantoo Village School. You were a lovely audience and the band had a lot of fun! We hope we’ll get another opportunity to play for you again, soon."

Hazel was clearly delighted to entertain such an appreciative audience and especially pleased to raise a substantial sum for the Fish Lip Soup Band's worthy cause.

"We raised £203 for Kantoo Village School, which will be on its way to Cambodia shortly, and I’m sure that will benefit the children." said Hazel.

Guests on the evening included soloist/clarinettist David Miller, vocalist Jenn Clempner and musical director Kyran Matthews.

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