Guest Beers

Over the years we've served literally hundreds of Guest Beers to our members.
In particular we like to support our local Cheshire and Manchester breweries and regularly stock some of their best brews.

Here's our list for December and January and February:

Wantsum Imperium - amber hoppy with smooth malt base

Wantsum Dynamo - Golden light ale with hoppy and floral tastes

York Brewery Terrier - deep golden awith hints of fruit and hops

Merrie City Crystal Gold - deep golden and tangy with hints of orange

• Settle Attermire - zesty and hoppy

Pentrich Soma - hoppy pale ale with fruity falvours

Lincolnshire Langworth - amber abd fruity with malty taste

Bass Draught Bass - classic brew with hints of malt and fruit

Plus we always have the J W Lees Bitter, a copper coloured beer with hints of fruit and malt.

For reference here's a short list of just some of the breweries we've used:

Banks and Taylor, Bass, Bexley Brewery, Black Sheep,
BootLeg Brewery, Brecon,
Caledonian, Camerons, Carlisle, Castle Eden, Chantry, Conwy,
Cheshire Brewhouse, Clarks, Connoisseur,
Daleside, Dancing Duck, Dorset Brewing,
Evan Evans, Exmoor,
Firebird, Flying Monk, Fullers,
Gene Pool Brewing, Gloucester, Gower Brewing, Green Duck,
Hambleton Ales, Harveys, Isca,
Joseph Holt, Joule's, Kelham Island, Lacons, Liberation, Lincolnshire,
Nethergate, Old Mill, Orkney, Otley, Pentrich,
Scarborough, Seven Brothers, Stonehenge, Settle,
Tatton, Theakston, Titanic, Tynebank,
Upham, Vale, Warwickshire, Wantsum, Weetwood,
Wickwar, Whitby, White Hourse, Wily Fox, Wincle, Wold Top, York Brewery.

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